About us

The nano4U group of companies, founded in 2008, brings widely applicable, product security and authentication solutions to industry. 

Based in Germany and Switzerland, nano4U has the expertise and authentication know-how needed to help our customers protect their product’s integrity and security across the global supply chain

We understand the complexities of international security regulations.  We help our customers to maintain corporate compliance at reasonable cost and to maintain their brand’s reputation.

nano4U has very powerful tools available to authenticate a wide range of products  anywhere in the world, even with a mobile phone, and without central database access.  Our solutions are ideal for mass manufactured products, such as pharmaceuticals and injection molded parts, as they are easily scalable to high production numbers and very cost effective.

The nano4U group of companies is led by a highly experienced team of managers and entrepreneurs.


Thomas Gering is President of the Board and CEO. He is one of the co-founders and shareholders of nano4U. He has spent almost 30 years of his career in the field of early-stage technology and company development, especially with regard to innovation financing, IP protection and licensing/exploitation internationally. Dr Gering has served on the board of various technology companies in the US and Europe during the past 20 years, sometimes in a management capacity.
He also has extensive expertise in the field of trans-Atlantic patent litigation, and has held senior-level management or advisory positions in the field of technology commercialisation  at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany), as well as the European Joint Research Center (JRC). From 2008 – 2010 he also served as interim-CEO of an R&D lab in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which was backed by Swiss and UAE investment.

Paul Glendenning is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at nano4U and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at TrustedMeds4U GmbH. Mr Glendenning has worked in technology application and development for anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products and packaging for the past 10 years. He has managed nano4U’s technology development projects with our international partners. Prior to joining nano4U, Mr Glendenning has worked for 16 years in multi-disciplinary R&D in Europe and Asia in the fields of manufacturing engineering and overseeing product development applications inboth applied research and industry.