In situations where no serialisation is required, and where no network or database access is available, our authentication solutions function in the field at any point in the supply chain without the need to connect to an external system. nano4U is mostly active in the following markets:



nano4U’s radical authentication solutions actually “lock” the pharmaceutical product itself to the primary or secondary packaging and work without the need to access a database. These can be seamlessly linked with serialization if needed.  

Plastic products

Products such as caps & closures, medical devices, engineering components, and packaging are protected by integrated security features, molded or embossed from hard steel nanostructured tools. 

Vials and syringes

We provide solutions to protect against errors or tampering in production including full traceability of individual syringes and identification whilst in the nest. Fulfilling of Directive EU 2011/62/EU and protecting against counterfeits. + syringe white paper

Electronics / consumables

nano4U’s solutions allow you to truly authenticate products by rapid tomographic scanning of their 3-dimensional shapes and extracting material fingerprints to ensure that the product and material is the correct one. + general (Amazon) white paper