nano4U supplies and develops product authentication solutions that are above and beyond the state-of-the-art. These are unique authentication methods, all of which add no special materials or additional processes and can function without access to a database. Our solutions are ideal for mass production and provide highly secure true authentication at very low cost.

We are the only company that links physical properties of individual products to their package and to track and trace information.

Our product authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions are suited to mass manufacturing, and easily scalable. We use production-proven recognition technologies combined with cryptography to allow rapid and efficient checking of products, components or packaging. Other tools available are simple but secure methods for visual first-level authentication.

These solutions can be integrated into industrial track & trace and reporting systems including standard serialization processes. Alternatively, they can provide stand-alone self-authentication of products at any point in the supply chain without network or database access.

Examples –

  1. Self-authenticating blister pack.
  2. Integral moulded authentication structures.
  3. Internal glass security datacodes.