Traceability and authentication of syringes and vials

Traceability and authentication of syringes and vials

Under the auspices of the EUREKA Eurostars programme, since the second half of 2022 nano4U AG and TrustedMeds4U GmbH together are participating in a new R&D project aiming at the completion of an industrial demonstrator for pharmaceutical syringe and vial traceability and authentication, including the use of blockchain or cloud based IT solutions that can easily be integrated with existing manufacturer ERP systems.

Single dosage authentication of liquid pharmaceuticals packaged in glass syringes and vials is a hot topic in this industry, particularly as the demand for billions of vials in the COVID 19 vaccination arena has driven growth rates to unprecedented levels since 2020.

nano4U AG coordinates this project which sees collaboration from three additional partners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

This project’s end-product will, for the first time, enable manufacturers to reliably authenticate each and every single liquid pharmaceutical dosage along the entire supply chain and to easily clarify any error-code flagging that may turn up along supply chains as a result of serialization requirements (i.e. EU-Falsified Medicines Directive and similar programmes in other territories).

The system can also be used very effectively in the area of GMP compliance monitoring.